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One of the advantages of being part of the World Golf Teachers Federation is the opportunity to share pertinent golf teaching information from other member nations.


Since the creation of a new production studio at the USGTF national office in Port St. Lucie, Florida, they have created three new instructional DVDs specifically designed for golf teaching professionals. All three DVD’s will enhance your knowledge of teaching the game and will provide more confidence in your chosen profession.


The first DVD is titled Golf Psychology for Teaching Professionals and is the only instructional DVD ever created for this purpose by a sports psychologist. Dr. Gregg Steinberg has been the official WGTF sports psychologist for the last 10 years, and this DVD explains in depth what a teaching professional should know about the subject in their everyday teaching.


The second DVD is titled The Evolution of the Golf Swing. It is narrated by Mark Harman, who has had a 20-year career as the WGTF course director.  He is also six-time winner of the US Golf Teachers Cup and two-time World Golf Teachers Cup champion. Mark’s insight on the evolution of the mechanics of the golf swing is invaluable to any teaching professional.


The third instructional DVD is titled Clubfitting for Golf Teaching Professionals. As the name implies, this DVD talks about everything a golf teaching professional should know about the subject of clubfitting. It is narrated by Jeff Jackson, longtime WGTF member and clubfitting specialist.


All three DVD’s are available by contacting Kristine Darnborough at the CGTF national office, 1–866-362-2483

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