2019 Golf Industry Prediction by Marc Ray

The fall of 2018 had some great energy surrounding the possible return to greatness by Tiger Woods.  If you were like me and watching golf in September for the first time in years, you were not alone.  Nobody has the draw to the game that Tiger commands, and while arguments could be made either way but one thing is very clear:  if Tiger is back the entire golf industry will benefit.


It’s not a bold prediction, but it is, overall, very good news.  If Tiger plays well in the 2019 Masters, win or lose, the Canadian Golf Industry will get a major injection of energy as the Masters kicks off each golf season in most areas of Canada.  The interest created by the Masters and Tiger will fill driving ranges and tee times.


For me, this means that I will be ready for spring clinics armed with my promotional materials and instructions…and I don’t mind the Tiger factor!


In 2019, the CGTF celebrates 25 years of service and it will be our best year ever.  We have plans for Master Certifications, group refresher clinics, private refresher clinics, more social events.  This upcoming year will be a fun and productive anniversary celebration lasting the entire golf season.

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