Kyle Miller has been a member of the CGTF and World Golf Teachers Federation for five years, and has been playing golf ever since he can remember.  It was in his teenage years that he realized his path in life was to teach the game of golf to others.  Miller claims that playing and teaching golf to others acted as a therapy to the disability that he was born with, cerebral palsy.


“I find it amazing, no matter how diverse golfers are, whether it be in their physical attributes or mental capabilities, we all have the ability to achieve goals and success in golf”, said Miller.  Not only is he a believer in this statement but he is also living proof.


“Having only one side of my body with full mobility, I had to learn to allow my mental capabilities to overcome the physical attributes,” he said “My challenges, therefore, allow for me to have a unique outlook on teaching this game to others.”


The foundation of his golf teaching knowledge began under a golf professional by the name of Marty Desmarais in Calgary.  Miller spent thousands of hours shadowing Desmarias while he was giving lessons, teaching junior clinics, and developing his own skills. Being provided the opportunity to share his passion for this game, he has developed his own skills in teaching and beliefs that are based around golf’s general principles.  To Miller, the greatest gift that teaching golf provides, is when his students truly start to believe in themselves.


As a player, Miller is coming off a successful campaign on the Vancouver Golf Tour (VGT) winter series with a top 25-finish on the Professional Order Of Merit.  Furthermore, he is a frequent competitor in World Golf Teachers Cup events.  He is based out of Carnmoney Golf & Country Club in Calgary, Alberta this season.


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