Update – Canadian Golf Course Partner Program

Have you been to our website to view our Golf Course Partners or – better yet – play one of the courses at the discounted price?


This program is growing nicely in its first year.  By reaching out to more and more golf courses across Canada, we can highlight great benefits of this program which helps build our reputation in the golf industry.  It is a great feeling to be a partner with golf courses, and not viewed as ‘takers’, as course owners are finding the economic times difficult. Paying for golf at a preferential, or industry, rate is something that is beneficial for all involved.


Registration for the program is very simple with only a few requirements:

1.  A booking contact,

2.  A set or industry rate,

3.  Contact info, and

4.  Conditions or stipulations


It does not involve a contract and offers can be withdrawn or amended with a single email.


If you have a relationship with a golf course and would like more details on how the program works, please contact us.

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