Employment Opportunities

If you are looking for an opportunity to teach golf, your timing is perfect!  The CGTF has been contacted by a several golf courses who are already planning their upcoming seasons.  We are very excited to help match instructors with opportunities.


If you are interested, please send your information to golf@cgtf.com.  Be sure to include your desired location and your experience.  We also recommend you update your free online profile at cgtfpro.com; this website it getting a make-over this month, which will only increase its’ traffic.   Let us know if you require any assistance with your profile page.


We anticipate more to opportunities based on some published findings:

“Golf Ontario has held Golf Community Meetings with almost 200 of the 822 golf courses across Ontario.  At each meeting they take an inventory of the Adult and Junior Learn-to-Golf at each golf course.  Guess what?  The results are not pretty.


ONLY 41% of golf courses have an Adult Learn-to-Golf and ONLY 48% have a Junior Learn-to-Golf program.


That means MORE THEN HALF of golf courses across Ontario are doing nothing to grow golf!  That also means there is a HUGE opportunity to grow our sport!”


 –  Jason Harris, Owner, Orr Lake Golf Club

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