Looking ahead to 2016!

The 2015 golf season is almost complete, it was a much better year for many in the golf business across the country.  After returning from the National Golf Course Owners Association Conference a few weeks ago, one thing is clear, the golf industry as a whole is becoming more intuitive and is finally learning that results are much more important than tradition.  The leaders who are embracing this change are becoming successful in these challenging times as golf continues to evolve in this market.


This change is exciting for our members, as we have been patiently waiting for more opportunities to shine and show what we can contribute to the game we all love.  It is only a matter of time when we will be called upon more often to be a part of the next wave of growth in Canadian golf.  The specific golf instruction skills combined with the individual knowledge each CGTF member possesses will drive of our continued success.


All this being said, our organization does have a plan.  It comes from feedback from members, course examiners, golf course operators and owners.  We are going to engage our members to be better, to work harder to find facilities to teach at, to create more effective marketing strategies, and to share what accomplishments we are proud of.


The 2015 initiatives discussed at our September meeting where many CGTF members suggested introducing additional continuing education programs designed to add value to all members are still in the early stages. The overwhelming support for online-based programs seemed to be the most efficient way to involve all members using current technology. We look forward to rolling them out in 2016!!


So many of you have found a niche in the golf world and you should be proud of that.  Now it is time to help grow the game in Canada in a big way!  We need your help. If you have anything that you feel proud of or are excited about please share it with us, so we can inspire other CGTF members to contribute in their own way and in their own backyard. Marketing has changed with social media and it is about telling stories and we want to be able to tell golf course owners from coast to coast the great job we do as an organization.



All the best in 2016,



Marc Ray

CGTF President



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