CGTF National Academy Packages

We are very pleased with the initial response to the launch of this program.  We thank those of you who are now part of our newest initiative to grow the game of golf.


Academy kits have been sent out and received.  The feedback has been very good.     Originally this concept was designed to help get our newer CGTF Members teaching business off to the races.   But the reality seems that many of our established members and busy golf professionals see major value in this program and were quick to sign up.



The CGTF National Academy is the perfect choice for anyone who is ready to take on more golf instructional clinics.  You do not need to offer all 8 clinics to be part of the program.  The printed materials turned out very well and are accompanied by registration forms.  This is a turn key sales tool kit that should reduce your time spent on creating your marketing materials for 2018 and the time required to  think up offers.


Each Clinic can be tailored to fit your facility and individual pricing strategies.  The clinics can be offered as you wish.  A manual is part of the program and it gives you the required deliverables for each clinic and the suggested minimums for pricing, course length and number of sessions.


Master Instructor Doug Howell is one of the established instructors that is thrilled with this package.  It helped him to  land a new facility and they were quick to get on board with his new ideas for instruction in 2018.  He also was very complementary regarding the time invested on getting this project going for CGTF Professionals benefit.


The CGTF is hoping that is program evolves each year going forward.  The end goal is to boast the largest golf academy in Canada and become a player in any future national grow the game initiatives.  It is not too late to sign-up.  Any CGTF Member that signs up before the new year will receive a shirt and hat with their package.


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