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What Every Golf Pro Should Learn From Chuck Norris By Andrew Wood


One day many moons ago I was sitting in my karate school when I got a call from a friend who was friends with Chuck Norris’s lawyer. It seemed that Chuck had been talking with Arnold and “the Gov at that time” had told him he was making a mint with his fan club. Chuck thought he could do the same thing and wanted someone to market it for him.chuck norris


Off I drive to Reseda to Chuck’s house to meet him and his puffy faced lawyer. His lawyer asked me if I knew anything about martial arts, I said “Yes, in addition to my ad agency I own twelve schools!”


Chuck gasps, shakes his head and repeats it, “12 schools, that’s amazing. I couldn’t even keep one open! Here I was, World Champion and I couldn’t keep the doors open three times.”


The first time I got into trouble James Coburn bailed me out.
The second time Steve McQueen bailed me out.
The third time my movie career had just taken off so it didn’t matter!”
“Why” I asked, “do you think your schools didn’t make it?”

He thought for a moment then said, “Because I was World Champion and I thought everyone who came to my school wanted to be a World Champion as well. I trained them too hard and didn’t really know how to run the business. I had no sales or marketing skill!”

Honest answers and mistakes, from a martial arts legend, that are repeated to this day, by more than half the GOLF instructors in the country. Talent and passion doesn’t matter if you can’t pay your bills. The world’s top golf instructors are great marketers first and great teachers second! You may wish it were not so but wishing won’t change a thing. If you want to be paid well you MUST understand how to generate an endless stream of students!


Take charge or your career and income NOW commit to be a sales champion!


A Typical Traditional Golf Pro Sales Pitch


Instructor: “What’s the problem, Joe?”

Student: “Mark, I’m slicing it bad again.”

Instructor: “OK, let’s take a look. 30 minutes later.”

Instructor: “Well that looks a little better.”

Student: “Thanks Mark. I’ll work on that.”

Instructor: “Did you want to just pay for this lesson or would you be interested in taking a series of vet?

Student: “Well I’ll work on this first, and see what happens.”
End of story. No more income for months from that student.


In order to be well paid well for your instructor on, and be of maximum benefit to the student, you must continue your lessons for an extended period of me.

It must be stressed at this point that you are going to employ a new, and much more financially effective, sales technique than your traditional competitors. You are going to offer and recommend a program of improvement. This program will not only benefit you financially, it will also help your client to enjoy his golf game far more than he ever has in the past.


 “How To Make $150,000 A Year” Script

Instructor: “How have you been hitting it, Joe?”
Student: “Mark, it’s been awful! My slice is back worse than ever and I’m about ready to switch to Monopoly!”

Instructor: “OK, let’s take a look at a few swings.” The student slices four balls off the range…

Instructor: “Let’s take a li le break. Joe, do you mind if I ask you what your handicap is right now?”

Student: “I’m a 17.”

Instructor: “How good do you want to be? I mean what handicap would you like to achieve over the next year?”

Student: “Well I used to be a 15, but I think I could get down to 12 if I could only lose this slice.”

Instructor: “Joe, I think that’s a very realistic goal depending on what type of e ort you are willing to put in, but I’ll be honest with you. It’s going to take more than one or two lessons to do it. We can start out today, but it’s going to take a commitment from you. Can you spend an hour or so a week for a few weeks to work on your game?”

Student: “Sure. I’d be glad to if I can improve my game.”

Instructor: “OK. I’m going to work on a few adjustments right now and after the lesson we’ll sit down together and work on a custom improvement plan for your game to get rid of your slice and get you down to a twelve.”

Student: “Sounds good to me.”


Analysis of 150K Script


In this case the instructor shows a genuine interest in the student’s game, and his desire to improve. The instructor is honest with the student in telling them he can’t cure a twenty-year slice in thirty minutes. After the initial lesson the pro sits down with the student and maps out a course of ac on that should be followed in order to reach his goals.


The course of action includes four months of lessons, specific drills and hitting balls on his own, at least once per week. Not only is this sure to produce far superior results for the student but it also produces far more income for the instructor. What we have here, in fact, is a classic ‘win, win’ situation.




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