2016 Rule Change Clarification – Anchor Point

Some of you must have been intrigued to watch Bernard Langer’s legal use the long putter at the Masters.  It was talked about at length and almost everyone understands at this point that the putter length is not the issue.  It is in fact the anchor point or anchoring of the club.  Equally understood is the end of the club cannot be touching or anchored to the body in almost any fashion.


The grey area is the anchoring of the arms to the body.  To understand the discussion fully, it must include the identification of the forearm versus the arm or shoulder.  The forearm is prohibited from touching the body in any manner.  This is contact is deemed anchoring and is prohibited.


However, if there is no contact between the forearm or the club and the body it is considered to be not anchored and is 100% legal.  Also legal is the contact between the shoulder and or the upper arm to the body that appears at first glance to be an anchor point.


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